Friday, August 22, 2008

good love is on the way

This post is a little over due....but its never an inappropriate time to talk about my friend John. A few weeks ago I went with my best friend from high school (although our friendship obviously transcends the limits of good ole CP) to see John Mayer. It was simply amazing.

I just love John; him, Jen, and I just have so many great memories together. Like dancing in the car our senior year of high school to Why Georgia while "Nigel with the brie" (my crush for WAY too long) stared on, or having Room For Squares be the soundtrack to the best summer of our lives (felt that way in high school), or making an almost 24 hr trip to visit him & Jen in Oklahoma City my freshman year, or singing every word to every song our first time with him while Crystal yells "marry me John" in the background.....the list goes on.

With this concert we probably added our favorite memory, and I mean that for all three of us. The night was incredible: we ate Chuys before hand (John couldn't make it but we thought of him often), he sang all our favorites, we danced the WHOLE time, and John didn't wear his shirt; what more could we ask for?

It was a fabulous night and we plan on many more!

PS - I do still have a husband (he's totally supportive of mine and John's relationship) and he has started blogging should read it!