Friday, July 8, 2011

five things friday

1. I want to redecorate. I need someone to fund this please. Or be a visionary that is inpired by the things I already own.

2. I have been eating one of Adam's homemade brownies every day. It is starting to become a problem but they are just too delicious.

3. I finally got a 'smart phone' and it really has improved my quality of life. And encouraged my laziness. Please play Words with Friends with me: rachielane. But only if you're not an expert and I might actually win a game or two.

4. I've been wanting to go the movies every day, yet have not made it to one single movie. There are just so many good ones out right now. I'm planning on seeing one with my BFFLCs next week. I really hope someone besides my BFFLCs know what that stands for.

5. I tried to win 2 free plane tickets today. I'm pretty sure it was a lopsided deal thus I did not go through with it, yet I still gave enough information that I'm sure to have lots of telemarketers annoying me. I just really need a free vacation to someplace that is not as hot as hell.