Wednesday, October 22, 2008

deep in the heart of texas

This past weekend we went to the Texas State Fair! I have been looking forward to it all fall and I am so glad we went when we did because, little did I know, it was the last weekend it was here!

I went last year with my parents and my Uncle John the day after we got engaged and have just had such great memories of it being a fabulous day and so much fun; and thus I have built the whole experience up in my mind for a entire year. I tend to do this though: I think something will be fun, decide to do it, day dream about it up until the event, and then have way too high expectations! Thankfully, Adam has great memories of going to the Lubbock fair and thought it would be fun too!

My high expectations did make the start to the day a little rough; but we soldiered through and eventually all my expecations were met...once I stopped having them! (If only I could remember this life lesson, I learn it several times a year, yet always seem to forget!)

Here are some pictures from our FABULOUS time at the fair:

Attempts of BIG TEX, Adam, & Rachel:

Photo by Adam:
Photo by Helpful Stranger:

Best Fair Food 2007/Fried Grilled Cheese:
Tasted like pure grease:
At the top of the ferris wheel!:

It was a wonderful day and now I will start my anticipation for next year!


I've decided to do better about blogging. I told my sister that facebook wasn't for half-doers and she threw it back in my face! She got on the facebook bandwagon full force, so now its my turn with this blogging thing.

I also need to be better about responding to comments and actually start to comment on all the blogs I read...I tend to stay on "safe ground" and only comment, occasionally, on family member's blogs! Part of my excuse is that I don't have "events" to blog about....but I've seen some things like posts about what people are reading, their "favorite things", favorite movies, or just life thoughts in general; and I'm sure I can muster up some more good office stories!

So, I'm throwing it out there so hopefully I'll follow through; I'm going to post and comment more!