Saturday, January 28, 2012

reasons why i'm happy

I saw this on another blog and thought it would be a good exercise in optimism.

Adam - he's always calm and patient and understanding

Beckham - so sweet and always makes me laugh and likes to cuddle

Colors - bright fun ones for clothes and in my home

Driving - going to Lubbock this week

Exercise - honestly shocking, but endorphines really are real you guys

Food - the reason I discovered exercise makes me happy

Girls night - saw The Iron Lady this week, very inspiring I thought

Hope - for the future we're working to create for our family

In-laws - excited to see them and spend time with them on days I'm actually off work

Jammies - Becks and I lounging in them in the mornings

Kicking - our debt's ass

Listening to music - going to get Ingrids new album tonight

Moscato - drinking it with my sister while watching movies

New music - heard a great new song (to me) on the way to work

Oscars -all the excitement leading up to them can sometimes consume me

People watching - specifically at story time at the library. Great clothes inspiration there.

Quietness - rarely get it, but I think thats why it makes me happy

Reading - lots of great books I'm looking forward to reading right now

Sunny days - that are also cool/cold are my absolute fave kind

Toms - wearing them, getting them for B, just looking at the website

Understanding - from our friends and family of our crazy life right now

Vacations - currently just daydreaming, but they will become realites soon

Waking up - this morning to Adam and Becks laughing

Xmas gifts - still loving wearing and carrying all my new pretty things

Yellow - been my absolute favorite color forever and I'm currently loving it with black and white

Zzzz - sleep