Tuesday, December 13, 2011

my brain

These are all the things I'm thinking about:

~Why does rainy weather make people so crazy?

~How cute and hilarious & how in love I am with my kid. (I'm always thinking about this by the way)

~I want to watch Bravo but my lack of cable is hindering this. I don't know why I miss this soul sucking network so much.

~I miss Ellen.

~I want some new toms. Possibly these.

~I love Christmas time. I need to find a Santa without a huge line to take Beckham too, I'm afraid this one is too low on my priority list to be accomplished .

~We're going to be home just the 3 of us on Christmas, and while at first I was sad, I'm now starting to become pretty happy about that.

~I hope Adam will stay up with me to watch a movie so I can fold the huge pile of laundry on our bed so we can sleep in it.

~I'm so thankful for my cousins. I know it's probably not the norm for most, but my life would just be drastically different and not as much fun without them. So thankful that one of them lives down the street and will email me everyday the whole time I'm at work to entertain me. Oh and watch my child at the same time.

~Adam, Beckham, and I are taking a family vacation this summer. It's just happening. Period.

~I'm also very thankful people write on their blogs so I can have hours of internet entertainment at work.