Monday, March 9, 2009

Austin here we come!

We are moving to Austin on Saturday! Most of you already know this I realize, but it's fun to write it on my blog, because I LOVE Austin.

Adam accepted a job as the Program Director of the Presbyterian Children's home there and so we will be moving on this Saturday and he will be starting the following Monday! He is a crazy man. This is such a great job for Adam, its right up his alley, and I know he's excited to be working with kids again.

I am so so excited to be near all my family, especially with 2 new nieces on the way! We have a great new apartment with a guest room and so any of you are welcome to come visit at any time, in fact please do! I'm also excited to be moving somewhere that I'm already familiar with, like I know how to get places and already know the radio stations! Yet, at the same time we will be living in a different area than I went to high school in, so there are still new things and places for us to explore together! I think its going to be a great change for us!

I am sad to be leaving Dallas though because some of my very best friends live here. I have loved being able to see Crystal and Jen each at least once a week, and even though I haven't gotten to see Liz as much since we moved further away from each other, I have loved the times I did get to see her and it's been nice just having that option! It will be hard to not have them so near and easily accessible.

Also, we have both been very fortunate to work for great agencies here in Dallas. Although Adam is very excited about his new job, he is also sad to be leaving Central Dallas Ministries. He really has loved/admired CDM for years before working there and that has only been enhanced by his time there. I know they really have loved him as well and are sad to be losing him. I have also loved my job at Big Brothers Big Sisters. It has become a little monotonous the past few months, but I have really enjoyed the agency and have loved my team and the friends I've made. It was honestly the best job I could have asked for to be my first job out of school, I have had great room for growth and lots of encouragement that really has made me a much more confident, and thus more capable, employee. We have both been very blessed by our jobs here.

Pray for me as I look for a new job in Austin! Its not the best time to be looking for jobs right now, especially in the non-profit world, but I know it will work out! I have applied for a couple of jobs that I'm excited about and at the very least I can start substitute teaching, I guess!

My next post will be as a proud resident of Austin, I am SO excited, I just love the city so much!