Thursday, June 10, 2010

update and baby news

Well I haven't done so great on updating my blog more often; I keep thinking about all the next events I will take my camera to in order to blog about them and then I remember that I need to buy batteries for the camera as we're walking out the door. My poor child may never have pictures.

So here are the things that I meant to take pictures of that would've made for good blog posts:

~I turned 25; Adam made me an awesome dinner and gave me a necklace with an opal in it which is October's birthstone. I'm a quarter of a century old and it's weird. Unfortunantly my husband will never have any sympathy for me feeling old!
~My best friend from high school, Jennifer, came to stay with me a couple nights and we attended "Encore" (the end of year choir show at our high school) in which her little brother was the clear star of the evening. So much fun and so hilarious to be back there watching that.
~We had a fun Memorial Day at my brother's house with the family.
~We watched our nieces Simone and Gabriella for an evening. My fave moment was when I asked Simone to please use the potty before bed and she said so seriously "Why are you mad at me?" She is a cute little manipulator.
~Our niece Darby turned 6 and had a fun rock climbing party at Main Event. Can't believe how big and old she is! Adam won our child a huge stuffed tiger. I love it.
~All the activities and funny things the kids I nanny do and say.

Things I know that are going to be happening that I am going to try and blog about:

~All the activities and funny things the kids I nanny do and say.
~Becoming a World Cup widow.
~Swimming with Darbs and the Button this weekend.
~Adams trip to North Carolina (I'll try to send the camera with him...we'll see!)
~The Jackson's visit to Austin.
~Our 4th of July in Lubbock.
~All things Baby Crawford.

And now for the most exciting news:

We're having a baby boy!!

Beckham Bryan Crawford

We're really excited! We've had Beckham picked out for a while now and I hope he's a Broadway star and Adam hopes he's a soccer player. ;) Bryan is after Adam's Dad; Adam's middle name is after his paternal grandfather and so Beckham's middle name will be as well.

We've already started collecting baby boy things and I will do my best to keep you updated on all the progress on nursery, showers, fun baby things.

Thanks for reading my pictureless blog!

PS I have blog followers? Who knew? Thanks to all 7 of you ;)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

there's something inside of me with a heartbeat.

Yes, its true. Don't worry, we're pretty sure its not an alien. All bets are on a human.

I'm due October 28th and we're pretty excited. It was so surreal hearing the heartbeat for the first time that when I said in shock 'there's something inside of me with a heartbeat', Adam's immediate response was 'yeah, like an alien!'.

Speaking of aliens my body does feel like an alien has taken over. No one fully prepared me for pregnancy, but I guess you can't really be prepared for something like this. Pregnancy is seriously the craziest thing that has ever happened to the human body. I am in amazement of it and think its awesome, when I have the energy left over from surviving all of my symptoms that make it difficult to live. Seriously, any pregnancy symptom you've heard of I'll bet you a hundred bucks I've had it. My alternative blog title was something along the lines of 'pregnancy turns out to be a pretty good diet'; I'm sure that will reverse itself but right now, for me, its true.

For those of you who have never been pregnant, I don't want to scare you, I just want you to be prepared. Also, apparently 'every pregnancy is different for every woman' so there is a chance you will have no nausea or other symptoms or what have you and I will hate you. :) I kid.

All of this to say we are elated and over the moon and super duper excited and out of our minds with joy, etc!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Remember when I used to blog? Me too. Once I asked Adam why he didn't blog anymore and he said he just wants me to blog for our family. That has been since my last post.

I love to read blogs and yet don't know why I find it difficult to write on my own. If anything I think I really do want the memories for myself for long term. I mean I haven't ever printed off pictures from our wedding to place in the album that I bought especially for that almost two years ago. If I could at least take pictures and put them on my blog I would be coming a long way.

So we'll see what I can do. Hopefully this cute owl on the side is going to inspire me.