Tuesday, August 16, 2011

crazy stupid life

(I saw Crazy Stupid Love last week and now I'm slightly obsessed with it)

Oh life. It is an amazing, emotional, exhausting, exciting rollercoaster. Or maybe it only feels that way if you are extremely in touch with your emotions and have a flair for drama like me. But nevertheless this is how I feel about life right now. I love it and loathe it all at once. Much like I feel about the blazing city of Austin in August.

Adam and I are about to make some serious life changes and sacrifices in order to be debt free within in the next couple of years. The amount of debt (stupid school loans) we have is kind of unfathomable to me and it was just feeling like we would never get on top of it. So we are going to make some big changes and buckle down and hopefully say good riddance. Then we can do thinks like give Beckham a sibling(s), go to Starbucks, buy a house, actually purchase things after walking around Target for an hour, go on vacations, eat sushi more frequently... you know, really important stuff. Crazy stupid life stuff.

Since we've been moving towards all these changes I've just been mentally reevaluating everything in my life and obsessing about it and rethinking it and so on and so on. I think what has made it different this time (as opposed to every other time I've done this, which might be as often as like every six months or something...) is that now I have a kid that is completely reliant upon me and that I want better for. And let me tell you that is a little daunting, yet also motivating like nothing else ever has been before. So I'm wrapping my head around all these changes and hoping for the best outcome financially, emotionally, spiritually etc.

Also, I've been working on teaching Beckham a good sense of humor. Because that is really why we had him ya know? For entertainment, so we don't have to pay for cable anymore.