Tuesday, December 8, 2009

massie cousins

I'm so glad to have such hilarious and wonderful cousins that are my friends. I've always felt way closer to them than the word cousin implies.

Here is 8 out of the 12 Massie cousins last May:
Back: Shad, Landon, Shawn
Front: Matthew, Meredith, Rachel, Marta, Rochelle

At the beginning of November Rochelle came down to Austin for Cousin's Weekend '09. She spent Thursday night attending school with me. It was pretty hilarious. Then we drank wine, baked, and stayed up way too late talking. Friday we visited Aunt Jeanie's school and did some shopping, then we headed up to Territory Trail (where Meredith and Marta live 8 houses apart) to get the weekend rolling.

I can't recount here all the hilarious things we did and talked about, because you might not find them funny. I will instead show pictures.

Cousins Night Out:
Marta, Rachel, Rochelle, Meredith

Eating Sushi:

I have a feeling Marta and Roch are texting their husbands; I think I'm texting Crystal

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of us going to Wal-Mart at the end of the night to purchase our matching shirts.

Saturday morning Aunt Jeanie and Haylie came over to Meredith's to make breakfast:
Darby and Sutton helped out too

Then we all put on our awesome matching shirts for the photo shoot. It's a tradition now apparently and it's hilarious:

Haylie and Sutton watching cartoons:

Darby and tutu:

After the photoshoot there were trips to the cemetary, Chick-fil-a, and the Outlet malls. Then we said goodbye to Aunt J and Haylie and met up with Uncle Lloyd and Aunt Pami for dinner. Saturday night included drinking wine and staying up way too late again. Sunday morning we slept, ate cinnamon rolls, drank coffee and then Rochelle had to head home.

It was one of the most wonderful weekends I've had all year! I've decided it should be twice a year, or perhaps even seasonal. Maybe we'll come to Odessa again for the next one Rochelle!

Thanksgiving came around and both Landon and Matthew were in town so it was time for more hanging out and more photos. Landon, Matthew, and Ty are not quite as enthusiatic about photo shoots.

7 of the 12:
Back:Haylie, Marta, Rachel, Landon
Front:Meredith, Matthew, Ty

2/3 of the Massie Girls:

We're going to have Cousins Christmas at Uncle Charlie and Aunt Jeanie's on the 19th and I'm so excited. I'm so happy that we live in Austin now with the majority of my mom's family so I do get to have these times with them.

The 19th will start our Christmas marathon and I'm excited! We'll be in Lubbock for a good long while, spending great time with the Crawfords, and then we'll be back in Austin to do Fenter/Goudeau Christmas. We'll be done with it all on the 3rd. I love it.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall and daydreaming.....

These are two of my favorite things! Fall is kind of here in Austin, but I'm sure it will change soon, in fact I think it's supposed to be like 90 on Wednesday. I realize that I said I love Summer, and I do, but right now I love Fall more.

The older I get the more I realize how much I love change. I'm very happy and content where we are right now, but if we needed to move suddenly for some unexpected reason, I think I would be just fine with that. I realize that is not normal for only having lived here for six months, and I by no means want us to move, but I would definitely be very excited about many things that go along with moving. This is because I'm a daydreamer. I daydream about everything under the sun, plausible or not. Although I really love weddings, I think my obsession with my wedding (until I had one), was really because it was a great daydream.

So I said a couple posts/few months ago that I would have a post about my daydreams, and I know my fellow daydreamer Mandy is dying to read them, and so here they are in no particular order (soon, far away, realistic and never happening):

~Everything I would do if I won the lottery. Top of the list: paying of our debt and setting aside enough money for our kids college and parents retirement. Then I daydream about the fun stuff like buying a house on the lake, owning a boat, going on a million vacations, etc.

~Family Christmas card; I've decided I want to have one for every year of our marriage and someone has already put them up on their blog and thus I think about them way too much.

~The holidays in general; this year is Thanksgiving with the Fenter/Goudeaus and Christmas with the Crawfords. I don't really care which way it works out, I love it all the same.

~Owning a cute house and decorating it and imagining all the fun things that we will do in it.

~Vacations: going to Europe, cruising with Alison and Crystal, mountains with Daniel & Michelle, trips with both sides of our family, going to Oregon....hopefully at least one of these will actually happen this year.

~Having a baby.

~Being foster parents and/or adopting.

~Getting new furniture for the living room and our bedroom.

~Being a teacher.

~Being crafty, sewing, etc.

~Fun girl's weekend with Massie women when Rochelle comes into town in November and fun weekend with the Crawfords at the state fair in a couple weeks; these two are actually happening!

Um, I think I could go on and on, and I might regret sharing some of it, because I actually daydream about ridiculous things.

Maybe me or someone in my family will actually take pictures at my two fun weekends over the next couple months and maybe I'll actually put them on my blog! ;)

Friday, July 31, 2009

Back to School!

I'm going to be starting grad school this fall and I'm so excited! My main excitement right now comes from the fact that I just put in my two weeks notice here at good old MHMR, but none the less I feel excited!

I'm going to be going to Texas State for my Masters in Secondary Education. Texas State's main campus is in San Marcos, but thankfully many of my classes can be taken online or at their Round Rock location. That means I won't have to drive to San Marcos for any classes this first semester, which will be really nice! I'm going to start off with the 12 hours my advisor recommended and if I stick with this pace I should be completely done (including student teaching) in two years! Not too shabby!

I'm really wanting to teach high school history, preferably US History and Government, but I'm sure I'll take whatever I can get! I honestly wouldn't mind teaching Jr. High either, I tend to get along with that age just great and will be certified to teach both, so we'll just see what happens! I decided to go ahead and get my Masters instead of just a certification because I think it will help me in finding a job and in advancement later if I decided I want to do other things in Education besides teach.

So, my last day at my job will be the 14th and then my first day of class will be the 26th. That gives me some time to try to get a non-stressful part time job somewhere. I'm hoping to get hired at a Starbucks since I've worked there before, they're normally great with working with your schedule, and on top of that I really liked it there!

As many of you may know I don't really have a reputation for being a great student; in high school and college I tended to not attend class or do my work. And I procrastinate. But, I am determined to do WAY better this go round. I have a goal in mind, I'm not there for social purposes at all, and I have the pressure of Adam! I think it will be like a whole new world for me!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

summer time

It's summer and I love it! Well, except for the heat and the fact that I have to work instead of play, but there is something about summer that's wonderful!

It's been a long time since I've blogged, so here is a list of fun things that have happened since I last blogged!

~I turned 24! We ate at Cheescake Factory and Adam got me some TOMS shoes!

~I bought materials for and then Adam assembled a headboard for our bed (pictures to come when I've actually made the bed!).

~My Dad's best friend's daughter, Jenna, whom I haven't seen in 6 years, came and stayed with us for a few days while doing research at UT. It was so wonderful to see her and catch up, although we didn't take any pictures! I'm horrible about that!

~Alison and Crystal came into town with lots of other LCU people for a wedding and subsequent fun-filled weekend. It was so great to see lots of people from college and have good quality time with my besties. Again, no pictures. I'm sure Alison took some that I won't approve of the general public viewing because I didn't get to preview them and then retake them when I didn't like them.

~Adam and lots of friends/family have started playing indoor soccer. Few things on this planet make Adam more happy then playing soccer! It is pretty funny to watch as it doesn't appear our team has a chance of winning a game this season. Adam has yet to go to the hospital or get ejected from a game, so the season is going well thus far.

~Awesome party at Meredith's with good food, drink, family, and friends.

I will try to take some pics of the soccer game this week! Next blog will be fun things I'm looking forward too, mainly because I love to day dream!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We Made It!

That's what Adam kept saying this past weekend because one year ago from last Sunday we were doing this:

I honestly can't believe it's been a whole year! It's one of those weird time warps where it feels like it was a long time ago, yet it has flown by!

We went to San Antonio for the weekend to celebrate and we had a blast! We did all the touristy things like going to the Alamo:

and had Anniversary ("Mother's Day" for most everyone else) Brunch on the River Walk:

It has been a fabulous year and I can't wait for many more! I love you Adam!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

weekends in pictures

Here are the pics of our last couple weekends! The first are from Easter; thanks for putting them on Facebook so I could creepily steal them Jenn! The second group are from this past weekend when we went to the lake with friends/family, it was a blast, with very intense karoake!

Family Picture

Bryna and I shopping!

Bryna and Harper's matching Easter dresses!

Bryna keeping warm with her mom's scarf

Sleeping Harper

At Salt Lick
Riding the train at Zilker
Adam and tiny Harper!

Lake House Weekend!
the view

the girls

let freedom ring!

Marta and Kara's duet

the dogs playing

telling Scott he needs to buy a lake house like this one day

the whole group!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

mystery solved

RDM stands for Resiliency and Disease Management. We had a wonderful weekend with Adam's family in which we had a celebrity sighting of this man. You all must know how star struck I am.

More to come on all these things when I get some pictures from Rhonda and Jennifer and when I'm not at work.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ATX Livin'

Okay my blog title is a little lame, but I'm very tired and my creative juices aren't flowing well, not that they do that often anyways!

Anyways...we've been in Austin for a little over three weeks and its been so wonderful! That probably has lot to do with the fact that I wasn't working for those three weeks, but none the less its been great!

We've gotten to do lots of fun things since we've been here, and a lot of them happened just this past weekend! On Friday we went with Jared, Kyle, and Chad to the Off-Centered Film Festival at Alamo Drafthouse for the Dogfish Head beer and cheese tasting and it was a blast. I now have a new favorite beer, Dogfish's Midas Touch; it was delicious. The owner of Dogfish was there and explained about everything we tasted and where the ideas came from and it was very interesting.

Then on Saturday Adam had a Senior Retreat for the Home's Seniors and I got to meet them downtown at Freddie's Place for dinner and then stay at the hotel with him. It was fun to meet some of Adam's co-workers and Freddie's is a very authentic Austin place, with live music and dogs. Yes, everyone brings their dogs, and some nights they have dog trick contests. I don't think Adam was a fan of the loud music or the dogs being so near his food, he's very picky about his eating environment!

Then on Sunday night we went to Stubb's for some delicious bbq and to see one of Adam's favorite musicians William Fitzsimmons. He really was incredible live, he maybe even sounded better live then recorded. It was so much fun and I of course like him now more that I've heard him live, I always do. If you haven't listened to his stuff you should, its a little depressing, but its beautiful, and his latest album was iTune's Best Folk Album of 2008.

Last night we got to eat dinner with our great friend Marina who we haven't seen in over two years! She is an admissions counselor for a university in North Carolina and was in town recruiting and thus we got to meet up with her. We ate at the restaurant that is in the building that the Real World Austin house was in and it was very disappointing because the food wasn't that great and no where did it indicate what the building was previously. It was so great to see Marina and catch up though. We can't wait to visit her and her husband Matt for World Cup 2010. They both have an obsession, along with Adam, so we're going to go visit them then, and I will take lots of books.

I also started my job today. I'm working for MHMR as the RDM Care Coordinator. As soon as I know what that means I will let you know. I'm not joking, I really have no clue what RDM stands for or what I'll be doing, but I'm sure I'll figure it out soon! Adam's job is going well, but is very stressful, its a good thing that he really does love it! I'll have to do a post about our jobs once I figure out what mine is!

Adam's family is coming to visit us this weekend for Easter and I'm so excited! I'm excited for them to see our home, and do fun Austin things, and FINALLY meet our newest niece Harper! I will try and take pictures to make my post about their trip more fun and less wordy!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Austin here we come!

We are moving to Austin on Saturday! Most of you already know this I realize, but it's fun to write it on my blog, because I LOVE Austin.

Adam accepted a job as the Program Director of the Presbyterian Children's home there and so we will be moving on this Saturday and he will be starting the following Monday! He is a crazy man. This is such a great job for Adam, its right up his alley, and I know he's excited to be working with kids again.

I am so so excited to be near all my family, especially with 2 new nieces on the way! We have a great new apartment with a guest room and so any of you are welcome to come visit at any time, in fact please do! I'm also excited to be moving somewhere that I'm already familiar with, like I know how to get places and already know the radio stations! Yet, at the same time we will be living in a different area than I went to high school in, so there are still new things and places for us to explore together! I think its going to be a great change for us!

I am sad to be leaving Dallas though because some of my very best friends live here. I have loved being able to see Crystal and Jen each at least once a week, and even though I haven't gotten to see Liz as much since we moved further away from each other, I have loved the times I did get to see her and it's been nice just having that option! It will be hard to not have them so near and easily accessible.

Also, we have both been very fortunate to work for great agencies here in Dallas. Although Adam is very excited about his new job, he is also sad to be leaving Central Dallas Ministries. He really has loved/admired CDM for years before working there and that has only been enhanced by his time there. I know they really have loved him as well and are sad to be losing him. I have also loved my job at Big Brothers Big Sisters. It has become a little monotonous the past few months, but I have really enjoyed the agency and have loved my team and the friends I've made. It was honestly the best job I could have asked for to be my first job out of school, I have had great room for growth and lots of encouragement that really has made me a much more confident, and thus more capable, employee. We have both been very blessed by our jobs here.

Pray for me as I look for a new job in Austin! Its not the best time to be looking for jobs right now, especially in the non-profit world, but I know it will work out! I have applied for a couple of jobs that I'm excited about and at the very least I can start substitute teaching, I guess!

My next post will be as a proud resident of Austin, I am SO excited, I just love the city so much!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Joseph, Mary, the Angel, and baby Jesus

Here are the pictures my nieces and nephew acting out a live nativity at Christmas. It was hilarious. None of us really knew what was going on, but my dad had gathered us in the living room after breakfast Christmas morning to read us the story of the birth of Jesus, something we have never done before by the way.
Then all of the sudden out of the bedroom appeared...

Joseph and Baby Jesus:

Mary (who was not really into live nativities or costumes):

and the Angel:

Mary scolding Joseph about his care of Baby Jesus:

Joseph placing Baby Jesus in the manger:

This was all so unexpected and hilarious! Simone (Mary) wasn't really into any of it, Darby (the Angel) was just interested in her costume and flying around and NOT saying "Glory to God in the highest" like Poppa told her too and Sutton (Joseph) LOVED it all. He loved that we were all laughing and laughed right along doing whatever we told him Joseph should do. It is for sure one of my favorite Christmas memories of all time!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

wonderful weekends!

The past two weekends have been a blast! I got to do two of my favorite things: spend quality time with my sister and see tons of friends and family at once!

Two weekends ago my sister's husband planned a fun filled surprise weekend for Marta and I while he was out of town. I got in Friday night and surprised her, although she had already deduced that it was probably me coming! On Friday night we went and saw Bride Wars (we thought it was hilarious) while Adam stayed with the kids!

Then Saturday we took Darby and Sutton to my aunts for the day and night so we could have a kid free 24 hrs! We then met my dad for lunch at one of our favorite places, Hula Hut. We had great quality time the three of us and then Dad even took us and bought us some pens. Yes writing pens; my dad collects fountain pens and bought us some really cool things called Sherpas. You'll have to google them. We love them!

Afterwards we got to go on a mini shopping spree; Marta had strict instructions to buy 2 dressy outfits, one for our night out on Saturday and one for a surprise Kyle has for her in March. I also took the advantage of shopping to buy myself an outfit!

Saturday night we got drinks and then went to see the Broadway show "Ain't Misbehavin" with Ruben Studdard and Frenchie (last name?) from American Idol! It was down town at the Paramount and it was AMAZING! It was basically just a musical review of 20's/Big Band music and it was phenomenal! There was actually another girl from American Idol in the cast too, that for some reason wasn't billed, but I can't remember her name! Marta? Afterwards we had another one of my other Austin favs, Kerby Lane! Mmmm breakfast!
It was a wonderful and fun weekend! Thanks Kyle!

Then this past weekend we went to Lubbock for Masterfollies/Homecoming at LCU. We got in late Friday and hit the ground running!

Friday night I went out with some of my good friends from club and had a blast catching up and staying up way too late.

Then Saturday we woke up early and went to our clubs alumni breakfast. Thankfully Adam and I were in "brother" and "sister" clubs and have the same breakfast, along with Marta and Kyle, even though they're all WAY older than me ;)! It was so great to see so many people that you haven't seen in at least a year or longer! We then went to lunch with some good friends and took much needed naps!

Saturday night we went to Masterfollies and I loved it. My club didn't do so hot, I think they are in a recession or something, but none the less I LOVE follies. I always have since I was a child. I guess at some point I'm supposed to grow up and get over it, but I might never do that. It was really fun to see all the shows though and all the people we didn't already see at breakfast!
Sunday after church we went to lunch with the Crawfords and then I got to go to my sister-in-law's baby shower for our niece, Harper, who will be here in less than a month! I'm so glad Heather thought to have the shower on this weekend so me and others from out of town could come, because I would have been sad to miss it! They got tons of great stuff and Harper is going to be a very well dressed child, that may have to have outfits changed 3 times a day in order to use all her cute clothes up!

My sister-in-law Jessica's shower for other niece, Gabriella (also due in one month), was on the same day in Austin and I was sad to miss hers! I want to see some pictures please, April and Cari! I'm looking forward to making April's shower though for our other niece (name yet to be determined), due in April. Yes, we are having 3 nieces in 2 months! Yay for girls!
Anyways, (if you actually made it this far in this post) I wasn't very good at taking pics in Lubbock, ie I did not take any. I did manage to get a couple from Austin though and one is below! I'll do another post later this week with some pictures of the kids live nativity at Christmas. No one put pics of that up on their blogs and they need to be posted for the world to see!

Marta and I in our new outfits before our night out!