Friday, July 31, 2009

Back to School!

I'm going to be starting grad school this fall and I'm so excited! My main excitement right now comes from the fact that I just put in my two weeks notice here at good old MHMR, but none the less I feel excited!

I'm going to be going to Texas State for my Masters in Secondary Education. Texas State's main campus is in San Marcos, but thankfully many of my classes can be taken online or at their Round Rock location. That means I won't have to drive to San Marcos for any classes this first semester, which will be really nice! I'm going to start off with the 12 hours my advisor recommended and if I stick with this pace I should be completely done (including student teaching) in two years! Not too shabby!

I'm really wanting to teach high school history, preferably US History and Government, but I'm sure I'll take whatever I can get! I honestly wouldn't mind teaching Jr. High either, I tend to get along with that age just great and will be certified to teach both, so we'll just see what happens! I decided to go ahead and get my Masters instead of just a certification because I think it will help me in finding a job and in advancement later if I decided I want to do other things in Education besides teach.

So, my last day at my job will be the 14th and then my first day of class will be the 26th. That gives me some time to try to get a non-stressful part time job somewhere. I'm hoping to get hired at a Starbucks since I've worked there before, they're normally great with working with your schedule, and on top of that I really liked it there!

As many of you may know I don't really have a reputation for being a great student; in high school and college I tended to not attend class or do my work. And I procrastinate. But, I am determined to do WAY better this go round. I have a goal in mind, I'm not there for social purposes at all, and I have the pressure of Adam! I think it will be like a whole new world for me!


Rhon (aka Gamma) said...

Rachel...that is WAY too exciting! I am so proud of you for this step of faith. Congrats and keep me posted on how things are going.

Joy said...

Good for you! You'll do great, Ms. Crawford!

Jcraw said...

Yeah sister!

Jill said...

Jordan teaches high school history :) way to go for going back to school!!!