Tuesday, June 23, 2009

summer time

It's summer and I love it! Well, except for the heat and the fact that I have to work instead of play, but there is something about summer that's wonderful!

It's been a long time since I've blogged, so here is a list of fun things that have happened since I last blogged!

~I turned 24! We ate at Cheescake Factory and Adam got me some TOMS shoes!

~I bought materials for and then Adam assembled a headboard for our bed (pictures to come when I've actually made the bed!).

~My Dad's best friend's daughter, Jenna, whom I haven't seen in 6 years, came and stayed with us for a few days while doing research at UT. It was so wonderful to see her and catch up, although we didn't take any pictures! I'm horrible about that!

~Alison and Crystal came into town with lots of other LCU people for a wedding and subsequent fun-filled weekend. It was so great to see lots of people from college and have good quality time with my besties. Again, no pictures. I'm sure Alison took some that I won't approve of the general public viewing because I didn't get to preview them and then retake them when I didn't like them.

~Adam and lots of friends/family have started playing indoor soccer. Few things on this planet make Adam more happy then playing soccer! It is pretty funny to watch as it doesn't appear our team has a chance of winning a game this season. Adam has yet to go to the hospital or get ejected from a game, so the season is going well thus far.

~Awesome party at Meredith's with good food, drink, family, and friends.

I will try to take some pics of the soccer game this week! Next blog will be fun things I'm looking forward too, mainly because I love to day dream!