Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ATX Livin'

Okay my blog title is a little lame, but I'm very tired and my creative juices aren't flowing well, not that they do that often anyways!

Anyways...we've been in Austin for a little over three weeks and its been so wonderful! That probably has lot to do with the fact that I wasn't working for those three weeks, but none the less its been great!

We've gotten to do lots of fun things since we've been here, and a lot of them happened just this past weekend! On Friday we went with Jared, Kyle, and Chad to the Off-Centered Film Festival at Alamo Drafthouse for the Dogfish Head beer and cheese tasting and it was a blast. I now have a new favorite beer, Dogfish's Midas Touch; it was delicious. The owner of Dogfish was there and explained about everything we tasted and where the ideas came from and it was very interesting.

Then on Saturday Adam had a Senior Retreat for the Home's Seniors and I got to meet them downtown at Freddie's Place for dinner and then stay at the hotel with him. It was fun to meet some of Adam's co-workers and Freddie's is a very authentic Austin place, with live music and dogs. Yes, everyone brings their dogs, and some nights they have dog trick contests. I don't think Adam was a fan of the loud music or the dogs being so near his food, he's very picky about his eating environment!

Then on Sunday night we went to Stubb's for some delicious bbq and to see one of Adam's favorite musicians William Fitzsimmons. He really was incredible live, he maybe even sounded better live then recorded. It was so much fun and I of course like him now more that I've heard him live, I always do. If you haven't listened to his stuff you should, its a little depressing, but its beautiful, and his latest album was iTune's Best Folk Album of 2008.

Last night we got to eat dinner with our great friend Marina who we haven't seen in over two years! She is an admissions counselor for a university in North Carolina and was in town recruiting and thus we got to meet up with her. We ate at the restaurant that is in the building that the Real World Austin house was in and it was very disappointing because the food wasn't that great and no where did it indicate what the building was previously. It was so great to see Marina and catch up though. We can't wait to visit her and her husband Matt for World Cup 2010. They both have an obsession, along with Adam, so we're going to go visit them then, and I will take lots of books.

I also started my job today. I'm working for MHMR as the RDM Care Coordinator. As soon as I know what that means I will let you know. I'm not joking, I really have no clue what RDM stands for or what I'll be doing, but I'm sure I'll figure it out soon! Adam's job is going well, but is very stressful, its a good thing that he really does love it! I'll have to do a post about our jobs once I figure out what mine is!

Adam's family is coming to visit us this weekend for Easter and I'm so excited! I'm excited for them to see our home, and do fun Austin things, and FINALLY meet our newest niece Harper! I will try and take pictures to make my post about their trip more fun and less wordy!


Joy said...

It's got to be either Radiant Diamond Model or Rubber Ducky Maker. You'll be great at either!

Robby and Lynsey said...

Congrats on finding a job! I'm dying with curiosity to know what it is - as apparently you are too. :) lol Glad you guys are enjoying your new place. Have fun with baby Harper and the rest of the gang!

Meredith said...

Ummm you did not mention going walking with me. Next time I expect a shout out please. thanks.