Tuesday, December 8, 2009

massie cousins

I'm so glad to have such hilarious and wonderful cousins that are my friends. I've always felt way closer to them than the word cousin implies.

Here is 8 out of the 12 Massie cousins last May:
Back: Shad, Landon, Shawn
Front: Matthew, Meredith, Rachel, Marta, Rochelle

At the beginning of November Rochelle came down to Austin for Cousin's Weekend '09. She spent Thursday night attending school with me. It was pretty hilarious. Then we drank wine, baked, and stayed up way too late talking. Friday we visited Aunt Jeanie's school and did some shopping, then we headed up to Territory Trail (where Meredith and Marta live 8 houses apart) to get the weekend rolling.

I can't recount here all the hilarious things we did and talked about, because you might not find them funny. I will instead show pictures.

Cousins Night Out:
Marta, Rachel, Rochelle, Meredith

Eating Sushi:

I have a feeling Marta and Roch are texting their husbands; I think I'm texting Crystal

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of us going to Wal-Mart at the end of the night to purchase our matching shirts.

Saturday morning Aunt Jeanie and Haylie came over to Meredith's to make breakfast:
Darby and Sutton helped out too

Then we all put on our awesome matching shirts for the photo shoot. It's a tradition now apparently and it's hilarious:

Haylie and Sutton watching cartoons:

Darby and tutu:

After the photoshoot there were trips to the cemetary, Chick-fil-a, and the Outlet malls. Then we said goodbye to Aunt J and Haylie and met up with Uncle Lloyd and Aunt Pami for dinner. Saturday night included drinking wine and staying up way too late again. Sunday morning we slept, ate cinnamon rolls, drank coffee and then Rochelle had to head home.

It was one of the most wonderful weekends I've had all year! I've decided it should be twice a year, or perhaps even seasonal. Maybe we'll come to Odessa again for the next one Rochelle!

Thanksgiving came around and both Landon and Matthew were in town so it was time for more hanging out and more photos. Landon, Matthew, and Ty are not quite as enthusiatic about photo shoots.

7 of the 12:
Back:Haylie, Marta, Rachel, Landon
Front:Meredith, Matthew, Ty

2/3 of the Massie Girls:

We're going to have Cousins Christmas at Uncle Charlie and Aunt Jeanie's on the 19th and I'm so excited. I'm so happy that we live in Austin now with the majority of my mom's family so I do get to have these times with them.

The 19th will start our Christmas marathon and I'm excited! We'll be in Lubbock for a good long while, spending great time with the Crawfords, and then we'll be back in Austin to do Fenter/Goudeau Christmas. We'll be done with it all on the 3rd. I love it.


Marta said...

Fabulous post!! LOVE YOU!

Jaime said...

Ok, I just want to say I wish I was a part of your family. I know you cousins have so much fun together and how special that you all are so close and will share so many fabulous weekends and memories as these. It looks like so much fun!!!

The Simmons said...

Hey, we are going to still be in Lubbock through the 22nd (Daniel will actually be there through Christmas Eve because he has to work), will we get to see you?

Joy said...

I have ALWAYS been jealous of the Massie cousins and all the family fun!