Monday, February 23, 2009

Joseph, Mary, the Angel, and baby Jesus

Here are the pictures my nieces and nephew acting out a live nativity at Christmas. It was hilarious. None of us really knew what was going on, but my dad had gathered us in the living room after breakfast Christmas morning to read us the story of the birth of Jesus, something we have never done before by the way.
Then all of the sudden out of the bedroom appeared...

Joseph and Baby Jesus:

Mary (who was not really into live nativities or costumes):

and the Angel:

Mary scolding Joseph about his care of Baby Jesus:

Joseph placing Baby Jesus in the manger:

This was all so unexpected and hilarious! Simone (Mary) wasn't really into any of it, Darby (the Angel) was just interested in her costume and flying around and NOT saying "Glory to God in the highest" like Poppa told her too and Sutton (Joseph) LOVED it all. He loved that we were all laughing and laughed right along doing whatever we told him Joseph should do. It is for sure one of my favorite Christmas memories of all time!


April said...

I loved these pics!! It made me laugh about it all over again, definitely one of the highlights from this Christmas!! I already told Jess that Gabriella can step up and be baby Jesus for us this Christmas! ha Love you and miss you!!

Marta said...

fabulous pics! LOVE YOU!

Robby and Lynsey said...

HYSTERICAL!!! Wish I had the "live feed" to go with it. ;)

Joy said...

What a great new tradition! I can just see your dad giving exact instructions to the cast!