Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the office...

is honestly where I feel like I work sometimes. I have a great job, with great hours, great experience, great friends, great benefits, ect; but sometimes the things we do are hilarious and it feels like we're on an episode of "the office".

Bowl for Kids Sake (BFKS, bc I'm too lazy to keep typing that!) is a huge fund raiser we do all year long with volunteers throughout the community who get friends and family to sponsor them to bowl (think Jog-a-thon in elementary school). So, a couple of Fridays ago we had an All-Staff BFKS and if you participated then you didn't have to work during those hours, sounds pretty great, right? Well, here is where the "officy" stuff comes in.

Like a whole month before the actual day they had a Kick-Off Party, which was basically one huge extremely awkward bowling party. It was from 11 to 2 and it was "come and go" and they had Wii bowling, bowling decorations, a bowling cake, huge plastic bowling set, ect. and like 90's alternative music blaring. They presented it as "come and sign up and hang out"; except we're really supposed to be working, and there were never more than 3 people in there at a time, and you really sign up online so there was not a tangible reason to be there.

So awkward and hilarious.

Then for the actual day of BFKS your team had to have a theme and costumes and lane decorations. I mean, I really thought when I left LCU that my days of buying things at GoodWill and Savors were over and that my roommate's costume box was a thing of the past (apparently she knew better because she still has it!) But no, no it's not, not when you have to be a Bowling Barbie:

Tennis Barbie, Sleepy Time Barbie, Malibu Barbie, Rocker Barbie, and Evening Gown Barbie.

Oh yes, we had wigs, we had lots of blue eye shadow and pink blush, and we were each a specific Barbie. And yes, this picture is taken in my office; I was dressed like this in my work place where I'm supposed to be a professional. And to top that off, four of the five of us are from the same team, and apparently we were supposed to come into work in the morning before BFKS started, because our boss sure did! But instead, we showed up in these clothes and did eachothers make up in the bathroom!
I was getting a little nervous about how ridiculous we looked until we showed up at the bowling alley and everyone else was equally enthralled in the competition. Let me tell you though, we TOTALLY got the shaft on the awards, we didn't win anything! And look at our lane:
Overall it really was a hilarious and fun day. Thank goodness I have fun girls on my team (and Heather too!) that make things like this fun to do together!

But honestly, this is just one episode; you combine this with the general awkwardness that are some people on my team, and on other teams ,and just the feel of the office, with themed trainings where you win candy for having the right answer, and all-staffs where we are led in camp songs that require singing as well as choreography.....it is the office!

P.S. The Nerd Herd swept the competition:


Marta said...

awesome post and awesome pics! Thanks for updating! We haven't talked in forever! When can we talk?

Jill said...

hey rachel,
i love the wedding picture with the candles...my parents said it was a beautiful night.
brody and i LOVE the office...keep the funny stories coming :)

Rochelle said...

That's what she said!!!!

B & B said...

That is hilarious!! I miss you so much!! How is life as a Crawford? I havent talked to you since the wedding...and to be honest it makes my heart sad!!! Well there has been some changes in our lives, but not too big, just a new job! I am so glad you found me, I saw Marta's page and I figured you had one, but I couldnt find you!! Well I hope to hear from ya soon!!!

April said...

Rachie! I haven't heard from you in forever. I hope you are doing well and I miss you. I just wanted to write a quick note to tell you I was thinking of you and love ya! I enjoyed this post by the way! :)